Q: What is InnoLabs?

A: InnoLabs is a community built from the bottom up by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to work on their businesses, learn new ideas, mentor one another, and grow to the next level. It is the perfect home to grow your next big idea.  

Q: Who is InnoLabs For?

A: InnoLabs is for entrepreneurs that want to grow as part of a larger community. 


Q: What about non-entrepreneur participation?






A: Entrepreneurs need all of the support that we can get. 
We actively encourage accountants, lawyers, professors, and students to get involved by participating in our events. 
We encourage professionals to write off their time mentoring as a marketing expense. 

Q: Why? What About the Digital Corridor? Other Movements? Etc?

A: This movement is slightly different from the other movements in town in that it is a bottom up initiative. 
We are not asking city funding, we work directly for the entrepreneurs who work here every day. 
That being said:
We don’t look at this as a zero sum game. Economic development benefits everyone. We are not looking to own the movement, rather to support it. We encourage other organizations to get involved with our activities, and hope that we can be actively involved in their activities.

Q: Is InnoLabs an Incubator or Accelerator?

A: No. InnoLabs is not meant to be the gateway or gatekeeper to prosperity, rather we want to provide the proper context for prosperity to occur through active participation in our community. 
For Example:
From time to time our owners, members, or non-members may decide to invest in one of the companies associated with InnoLabs at their own discretion. InnoLabs is not involved in that transaction. 
InnoLabs does create the context for investment diversity through pitch events, and demo days. 

Q: Is InnoLabs a Non-Profit?

A: No. InnoLabs is a business created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  Our board is firmly grounded in the principles of conscious capitalism. Our mission is to create win, win, win strategies that benefit the entire community.