Quiet on the web, furiously productive elsewhere

Even though keeping the InnoLabs blog up to date with current happenings and fresh content has not been our strong suite these past few years, things are humming right along and the quiet front should not be misconstrued as a sign of passiveness.

The past several years have seen great demand for spaces at InnoLabs and has resulted in an expansion of renovations to cover roughly 22,000 square feet of the building's 43,000 square feet shell.

True to our eclectic and entrepreneurial roots, we also host the Palmetto Strikers volleyball center in 13,000 of the building's high-ceilinged warehouse area, leaving roughly 8,000 sq. ft. remaining for additional development.

The demand has been primarily for additional small office space and with our easy in - easy out philosophy and plenty of free parking, keeping the building full of active and ambitious entrepreneurs has not been difficult.

If you're ever curious about what's going on here, stop on by or contact us to learn more!